Text overlay

Is it possible to overlay text on an imported picture? I.e. have the text float over the picture box instead of being confined to its position in the template?

(I am trying to recreate a previously published story booklets where the front cover has a large border encompassing a picture and text)

Yup! Check out the “Overlay” tool:

This feature is available to everyone for localizing existing books. But for new books, you need an Enterprise license. Write to me if you don’t have your SIL Vanuatu Enterprise License on hand.

Cool! Thanks John. I just checked on the Enterprise Licence - I’m in!

John, this doesn’t seem to be allowed on the cover - covers seem to be a special deal. Am I missing something?

Alas, no, we can’t do it on the cover yet. Not because we don’t know that’s maybe the most important place, but because it’s actually going to require a lot more work that we haven’t done yet.

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