Text box not scrolling over picture


I’m having an issue. Because screen sizes differ for each device I realize the Bloom book will scale and it will change how many words fit on one line. When I created a book designed for mobile I had a full screen image as the background and used the overlay tool to insert a text box over the image. In the Bloom software the text fits in its text box. When I added it to SAB and it loaded it into the Bloom player, the text is condensed on the phone screen and the text extends way beyond the bounds of the text box. There are no scroll bars which would keep the text within the limits of its box.

Is this just a limitation of the text box, or Bloom Player’s handling of the text box or something else? Thank you!


Hi Casey,

Phones don’t normally use scroll bars. It should be possible to scroll the overflowing text box by dragging up with a touch inside it.

If that doesn’t work, could you use Bloom’s Report a Problem to send us the book so we can investigate?

@Casey_Ellis Do you see this same text overflow behavior in the Publish:Bloom Reader Preview? That is, I’m wondering if this has something to do with the version of Bloom Player that is built into your version of RAB.

I may have misread this. Sorry. When you say the text “extends beyond its box,” I now think you mean it is visible outside the box, not cut off without an obvious way to scroll it.
It would still be useful to have the book, and also the answers to JohnH’s questions.

@Casey_Ellis could you send us that book please?


Casey, a new version of our “Bloom Player” code has now been deployed to Bloom Library, Bloom Reader, and Bloom desktop editor version 5.2+.

Thank you for this update. I appreciate you making me aware of it!