Testing help needed: Crash using on-screen keyboard in Keyman for macOS

We need help tracking down an elusive bug! It has been reported 37 times (affecting at least 14 users) over the past few weeks. It happens when the user clicks on a key on on-screen keyboard. Since we have not been able to reproduce it, we don’t know if it is specific to a certain key or sequence of keys or specific to particular keyboard layouts. In order to fix it reliably, we need a repeatable scenario. Since it causes Keyman to crash, it should be very obvious when it occurs: the OSK will suddenly disappear.
If you have experienced this and can shed any light on the problem, we would really like to know:

  1. what keyboard was active
  2. what key(s) you pressed
  3. Your operating system version
  4. Anything else that you think might be relevant (e.g., any unusual things that were happening on your system at the time).

Regardless of whether you have experienced this, if you are using the beta version of Keyman for macOS and would be willing to help, please do the following:

  1. Update to the latest version of Keyman for macOS (10.0.50 or later)
  2. In the Configuration window, select the Options tab.
  3. Turn on both options: Always show on-screen keyboard and Use verbose Console logging.
  4. Use the OSK to type.
  5. If you get the crash (i.e., the OSK suddlenly disappears), follow the instructions under Use verbose Console logging on the Help - Keyman for macOS Configuration page to filter the console log to show only Keyman messages. Then export that log information to a file and send it to tom_bogle@sil.org along with answers to the four questions above.

Found and fixed the problem. Thanks @Steve_White!!!