Teckit Map Unicode Editor: is there a line I can use to convert ASCI latin letters to Unicode

Is there a line, or few lines, that I can use to convert regular latin letters (without diacritics) to Unicode?

The converter that I am working on will, hopefully, convert legacy materials for a language using latin characters to unicode. I thought there was a way involving just a line or two that instructs the converter to take Ascii A,a,B,b,C,c… and convert it to Unicode, but do not remember what it is. Anybody know?

Thank you,

Perhaps something like:

; (1) The first 128 characters follow the standard mapping.
ByteClass [First128] = (   0x00 .. 0x7f   )
UniClass  [First128] = ( U+0000 .. U+007f )
[First128]	<> [First128]

Thank you David, that seems to work. I’ll find out for sure when I test this converter on a document.