Table of Contents

Is there an easy way to make a table of contents for books with multiple stories? Thanks!

Most Bloom books contain just one story, so a Table of Contents is not needed. Can you explain further what your purpose is for having multiple stories in one book. Are they related stories or about different topics?

Hyperlinks to other pages can’t be added within a Bloom book, so if you wanted a Table of Contents, it would probably need to be manually created.

We have created several story collections to save on printing costs, vs. cover stock + front matter for 10 separate short books. I have made a Table of Contents manually for each book, which I think is the only way to do it in Bloom thus far. If there is room on the Title page I put the TOC there, or else on a separate page for the book. I have been adding enough “. . .” to fill up the line before the page number at the right, just eyeballing the right margin.

I think there may be a planned new feature to create a book from several Bloom files, and a proper TOC feature should be part of this. Correct me if I’m wrong about this, someone, please.

The book that I’m creating is a collection of songs. Each song takes up one page and has a title. I was hoping there might be an automatic way of extracting the title and page number from each page and collating it into a list! But I’ll follow kblewett’s method if needed :slight_smile:

John Hatton or someone on the development team could say more, but, yes, some type of automatic generation of a TOC is either in planning or at least on the wish list for Bloom.

We have thought about a “folio” feature that would allow a Bloom folio to contain several other bloom books and provide a table of contents and allow the whole thing to be published as a unit. Don’t know when it might make the top of the priority list, though.