Synchronizing issue with aeneas

Each of the short stories I am trying to make timings for with aeneas has a translation of the story in another language at the end. How can I tell aeneas synchronization to ignore that material? It seems like it is trying to compensate for it and this is causing most of the timings to be off.

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I have essentially this same question. I want to have some text in parentheses that is displayed but not read aloud. Of course this causes the timings to be off for the recorded audio. Is there a SFM that I can use that will tell aeneas to ignore what’s in parentheses?

If you don’t use section headers \s or \s1 etc, you could tag the text that way and tell Aeneas to ignore section headers. You may then need to modify the Styles on the \s parts. Of course \s that is a paragraph style. I don’t know of any inline markup that would make Aeneas skip.

You are trying to do something that was not envisioned. You might want to put in a feature request.

Be curious to see a page source sample, to be sure I have understood what you are saying.

What I’m trying to make is a Bible glossary, so after a bit of text I want to put a Scripture reference in parentheses. The references (book, chapter, verse) aren’t part of the audio recording, they are just there for the reader to look up if he wants more information on the topic. I could use \s, but I’d prefer it to be inline.

I have not tested Glossary markup in RAB, but it would work in SAB.
some \w glossary\w* word

\id GLO
\m \k glossary\k* the stuff you want to say about the word

That creates a popup when you touch the word in the test.