Sync between FLEx and LF via S/R--missing fields

In FLEx, I have added Etymology entries with some fields like ‘Source Language’ field filled in. I don’t see this information on LF. I tried turning on fields from LF/Config, but I couldn’t find it. Also, ‘Variant of’ field in FLEx does not show in LF. Am I missing something as far as S/R config or LF config? I checked the S/R docs, it seems these are out of restriction scope as far as sync is concerned.


Hi Sargon,

Thanks for asking. We say that “most fields” sync, but not all of them. Source language and Variant of are two fields that do not currently sync. There is a post about “Language Forge limitations” but at the moment I cannot find the link.


Thanks. You are not referring to this link, are you? I visited this page to see if there are any limitations, but the restrictions/limitations didn’t include these two fields. Regardless, these two fields are not synced up. Too bad, My new project requires participation from collaborators who I would like for them to contribute for dialectical variations of different words. They are not computer-savvy and I was hoping they would use LF for accessibility and ease of use rather than having them install FLEx. Are there any plans to fix this? How do I go about requesting new features in LF?

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Hi Sargon, I believe the link @chris_hirt was referring to was this one:

I’ve created a feature request for you here:

@chris_hirt and/or @Alex_Larkin will review it and get back to you with the team’s plans for this one. Thanks!