Switching the direction of images for right to left languages

My question is not how to setup the font to go right to left. I am wanting to switch the positions of some of the images that are in the Cat & Dog series under Education for Life. But it says that it is locked.

In the first 1b story (image 22) there is an image of the dog throwing a ball to the cat and the cat catches it. This would naturally flow right to left rather than left to right in the language I am working it. How do I switch the images? Thanks.


Bloom used to distinguish between “Source” collections and local language collections. When deriving a book in a local language collection, some things were locked down as the idea was that the user was simply translating an existing book.

This restriction has been removed in the latest version, 5.5.
Please download and use that.

Thanks Andrew. That solution worked great.