Support for shorter segments

Hi folks,

A surveyor on the language survey list was trying to use SayMore for transcribing wordlists, and is having difficulty segmenting short sections. I’ve noticed before that SayMore doesn’t allow segmentations shorter than 1-2 seconds or half a second (I can’t remember which). Is there a simple way to support shorter segments? I know that ELAN and Transcriber don’t have this restriction, which is useful given that people can speak quite quickly and language utterances can be shorter than 1 second (a typical single-syllable word is less than 300 milliseconds).


Thanks for bringing this up. We’ll look into it and get back to you.


I agree. I have also run into issues with shorter segments, especially with word lists and quick conversation.

We looked into this, and the current limit is 0.85 seconds, which derives from how much horizontal room it currently takes to display various user interface elements. I lean towards the fix for this being to allow you set the the scale (pixels per second). As you increase that scale, you’d be allowed proportionally smaller segments.

That sounds like a reasonable fix. Are you thinking there would be a slider to adjust the scale (zoom in/out) that would automatically expand the resolution/depth at which you could create segments? Or maybe a tool that would allow you to drag-select a segment with the mouse in order to zoom in on it?