Summary gloss - suggested improvements

In the Lexicon / Features / Summary Gloss section of DAB there are a few options that the user can choose, but I wonder if this section could be expanded?

  1. Writing System name - if the Lexicon Source file contains the data for the Writing System (WS) ( in an .xhtml file), could the user choose whether to display this or not?

  2. If the display of the WS choice is possible, is it also possible for the user to configure how the WS name is displayed? For example, the user might want to change the abbreviation in use, might want to add leading or trailing spaces, might want to add other punctuation.

  3. Currently data from different fields (gloss, definition etc) that can be displayed on the summary gloss page run together. Can the user choose a separator to add between them, even just a space? This could be in the same way as in FLEx where it is possible to specify what comes Before / Between / After items of particular kinds.

Developers - if you need screenshots of when these things don’t happen and the summary gloss page looks ugly, please let me know.

Note that these comments came from assisting with a dictionary with three possible analysis languages. Not all fields were complete for all three analysis languages. I’m sure it would also apply when only two analysis languages were in use.