Suggestion for Keyman keyboard listings

Would it be possible to have the page describing a keyboard display or have a link to the list of language tags that the keyboard is valid for? For instance, Lorna just pasted a link to the github repo listing the BCP 47 tags for the Libtralo keyboard. Could this link be on the keyboard description page?

I’ve added this suggestion as issue 183.

With our existing infrastructure, I think the list of BCP 47 codes could be displayed in the “Keyboard Details” section for each page.

There’s a balance that needs to be met here. Most users don’t need to see the BCP 47 tags and they do add a lot of noise to the keyboard details page; another option for you is to look at the API, e.g. to get technical details.

That said, a current gap in the keyboard detail page is that it doesn’t list the individual languages supported by the keyboard. I’ve noted this in issue 183.

An API adventure
I went looking for the API for another keyboard.
The URL for the ‘Clavier du Burkina’ is this:

So I tried
not right. I also need to take the “s” off “keyboards.”

and discovered this keyboard only lists one language code. I guess it needs updating.

Steve, can you create an issue at regarding the missing languages for clavbur9? I note that the keyboard appears to be in maintenance mode but we should be able to add the missing metadata.

Just so you know, I do have an update to the clavbur9 keyboard in process here:

I’ve already been told of a few things that need changing since submitting the PR, but I’ve updated the documentation, changed PUA codepoints to official codepoints and have added in all the language codes from the old keyboard. Feel free to add comments on that PR if you think of other things that need to be fixed.

See Lorna’s submission. It looks like it needs approval by someone else before it can be merged.