Successful download of Wasta Linux

I’m seeing more Wasta Linux in my role in IT support in Dallas as users with issues come for help. I thought I’d download the ISO from the SIL site and set up a computer using the software to gain familiarity to be able to provide better service. However, haven’t been able to get the ISO to download. Joined the Software Language Community thinking that might be the glitch, but the webpage “blinks” when the download is requested but no download occurs. Ideas? I don’t have trouble getting other Linux ISO’s from other sources.
FWIW, the “blink” behavior occurs using the Chrome browser. If I try to use MS Edge, I get the message “File cannot be downloaded securely.” That message occurs on any of the Wasta versions listed on the downloads page.

We are glad to see more user activity, and am happy to see you are looking to more fully support it.

Regarding download issues, I am not seeing any download issues when I try. Can you please confirm you are downloading from the Wasta-Linux website? Downloads | wasta [Linux]

OK I think I see the issue you may be having: the download links do not use https. I suspect your browser thinks this may not be secure. I could look to adjust the download links to use https instead of http.

@GAJ-Jones I updated the download links to use https instead of http. Please let us know if this addresses the issue.

That seems to have been the issue. The download appears to be progressing normally now, thanks. It’s been so long since I got anything from a non-secure site, that I didn’t even think to check that.

We were sticking to http so we could use tools like zsync to allow incremental updates of ISOs, but it is more important to ensure that most users can actually download :slight_smile: