Stock photo images (royalty-free)

I have a subscription to where I have found some great photographs and vectors for non-fiction books (for example, photos of South American animals and their babies that I have been unable to find on other free sites like Pixabay). I’ve produced several little books and would like to include them in our Bloom library and make them available for others to translate, but want to make sure I deal with the copyright issues correctly. According to the royalty-free license on Depositphotos, e-books are covered by the license with no limit. Self-published or print-on-demand books are allowed, as long as the print run or number of copies does not exceed 500,000 copies. Giving credit for the images is not required. From the site: “you can use images that you have purchased for work with third parties, but you should notify your customer that the copyright on the image remains with its creator and does not pass to your customer.”

Has anyone else used (legally purchased) stock photos in Bloom books? Any tips on doing this appropriately?

Hi. I’m no expert at this, but I looked at, item #10, the first 4 points would seem to exclude putting photos on Bloom Library.

I agree with Colin that the prohibitions listed in the license make it so that the books cannot be available for download. However, it could be available in Bloom Library and for Bloom Reader as a read-only ebook. You can do that by choosing the appropriate formats after you upload the book. In your account, on the preview page for each book, you can control which formats are available. You can hide the buttons for the PDF version and the download to Bloom Editor version, leaving just the e-versions.