Special Armenian keyboard for ipad

Can anybody create an Armenian keyboard layout for ipad pro? I need a keyboard different than those available. I had made one easily for my mac computer and been using it for years now, but it seems more complicated to make one for ipad. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. Thanks.

@Aram, Keyman Developer is our tool for creating keyboard layouts; it is free but it does require Windows. The biggest issue for iPad is getting a keyboard onto your iPad but Keyman for iPad will let you install a keyboard directly from Keyman Developer.

There’s also a Keyman guide for Creating a Touch Layout Keyboard that helps explain how to adapt an existing Keyman Desktop keyboard for a touch layout.

The guide covers some design goals like using “long press” (pop-up) and deciding on appropriate key sizes.

I’ve seen that Marc. But he keyboards available on Keyman are precisely those I don’t want to use, because of the placement of the characters. What I want is to make a keyboard more or less similar to the one I’d made on the basis of the old Olympia typewriters, where the characters were arranged acording to the needs of the language. Just like azerty for french or qwerty for english! Keyman keybords are like the ones distributed by Apple. You must think in English or in French to write in Armenian! Just horror, but many people get used to it…

Thank you. I’ll look into this.

Still, I’d like to know if someone does this professionnally and how much it costs. Although I’m dealing with computers for more than thirty years, it would be impossible for me to become a developer and learn this on a PC. So, I’ll just wait for proposals…

Depending on the complexity of the layout, it should be fairly straight forward to adapt. Although an iOS layout might need to be redesigned in some aspects.

Is there a source of information online that documents the layout you use?

There’s no documentation, as it is a private, non commercial keyboard. I can make a list of key numbers with the corresponding unicode numbers.

That would help.

It would give me an idea of what would be needed. Is your macOS keyboard a xml style keylayout file?

It’s made with the app Ukelele. Would that be more practical to use? Otherwise, I’ll establish the list for small letters and caps.

It’s made with the app Ukelele.

Are you currently using this Armenian Phonetic Keyboard Layout for Mac OSX? The key layout source is in the GitHub repo, so that might be a good starting point.

No, I’m only using my own keyboard and it is really complete and enough to work with.

Attached an xls document with key numbers and corresponding unicodes.

Please tell me what you think.

Thank you.