Spanish language section of this forum

Has there been any discussion of creating a Spanish language section of this forum for Bloom, Reading App Builder, etc.? (I’m posting this question in both the Bloom and RAB sections.)

Aaron Hemphill
SIL Mexico

Hi Aaron,
No, this hasn’t come up. But I have wondered how to convey to people that we welcome them writing in any language. Google translate is usually enough to figure out what people are saying.

Anyhow, I’m open to whatever.

Thanks for your reply, John.

If you could check into the possibility of adding another forum on this site in just Spanish, I think it could make a big difference. If it’s not possible, we can research something else.

We are doing a Bloom/RAB workshop this week in Mexico with 15 students and we have a wait list of 30 folks and counting, so we already have two more workshops set up for 2020. We’re thinking about how to keep these users engaged after the workshop and how to provide them Spanish-language technical support going forward. Only one of the 45 students speaks English. All of them speak Spanish. Marty Lange, who helped us get started, is also doing workshops in Latin and South America and I’m sure there are others, so the Spanish-language users in need of support continues to grow.

I think if the page administrators on your end could set up a page for us, on our end we could seed the development of the page by posting a support topic on the forum every week and then emailing our distribution list a link to the conversation.


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Yeah ok. I am the admin 'round here, so just tell me what to name the new sub topic.

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Awesome! I will talk to a few folks here in Mexico and get back to you. Thanks!

The group asked for Bloom (español). Thank you! Please let me know when it’s up and running.

OK, there is now a Bloom (español) category.

Great, our team will have a Zoom call soon and get the About page text ready. Thanks!