Spanish Dvorak ñD

I have installed the Keyman software and also a ñD spanish Dvorak layout, by Rolando Montaño Fraire.
Despite that, even when active/selected the layout appears to be the same, just some symbols changed place, but not the letter.
My main concearn and reason I am not using english Dvorak available for Windows are the diacritical accents (á é í ú ó ü) which are usually used in spanish.
Any help on this regards would be appreciated.

Even though not specified in the keyboard documentation, I’ve figured that a deadkey is assigned and used to output the the vowels with diacritics.

Press the comma key label as ´ (see the screenshot for where it locates) before any vowel to output the vowel with diacritics.

  • ´a should output á
  • ´e should output é
  • ´i should output í
  • ´o should output ó
  • ´u should output ú
  • Shift´+a should output ä
  • Shift´+e should output ë
  • Shift´+i should output ï
  • Shift´+o should output ö
  • Shift´+u should output ü