South arabian alphets

why web can’t suppurt south arabian alphabet ? and how i can active it on web pags?

Which keyboard do you have a problem with? This one?

Please let us know which keyboard and what is not working right.

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If the difficulty is with reading the South Arabian Alphabet in a web page, it is most likely because a font with the letters has not been installed on the computer. If the following letters in brackets appear as rectangles, or not at all, then a font is missing: [ 𐩣𐩪𐩬𐩵 ]

The good news is, the Himyarit Musnad keyboard from the link that @Lorna shared includes a font! You may need to restart your web browser, or even restart the computer, after installing before the font is activated. Then you will be able to both read and type in Old South Arabian (aka Musnad, Sabaean).

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Is that font available somewhere else or just through the keyboard?

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