Simple Choice Activities Convert to PDF with answers

I’m new to this forum and to Bloom, please excuse me if I’m missing something obvious or if the question has been treated elsewhere. I did search the forum for the issue before posting.

Our books are all followed by comprehension questions and we would like to convert these to enterprise edition activity pages for online and mobile versions of the books. It works very well except that when these books are converted to PDF for print the answers are highlighted (for simple choices, we haven’t tried comprehension questions yet). If the PDF conversion did not highlight the right answer we would be able to use the simple choice activities for both interactive and print books, but with the answer already shown, it seems we must create two different versions of the book. Any way to around this ?

Hi Michael,
Yes, that activity really is an online-only thing. We could readily hide the highlighting of the correct answer when making a PDF, but the correct answer would still always be the first one. I’m guessing that wouldn’t good enough?

Note that the comprehension quiz pages do not show the answer in PDF.
Only the simple choice activities.

Hi John. Thank you for your response. Yes, I think that removing the highlighting but having the correct response always in the first place would not be good enough. However, with Andrew clarifying that the highlighting only applies to simple choice and not comprehension questions, I think we’re good. Only our most basic books are using the simple choice questions and, for these, we can have two versions. It sounds like we will be able to have a single version for the majority of books which have many comprehension questions.

Hi Andrew. I would have found this out in short order, but I’m glad to know it. We have a lot of books with comprehension questions, only a few with simple choice. Thank you !

You’re welcome.
I’m glad to hear the majority case will be working as desired.


I thought I would post an update on this issue for other readers that may come along with similar questions. Finally, we decided to create two versions of each book, one for printing and the other for use on a telephone or computer. The interactive version uses activity pages, the printable one has questions, without answers, in more condensed format. Printed, the interactive version of our books is very long, with one question per page, while we can get 3 or 4 per page in the print layout.

It occurred to me that there could be an automated process for producing either printable or interactive questions from a single source. For the moment, with only some 65 books, it isn’t something that we need, we can manually convert that number of books … but I think it could be interesting in the long term.