Showing images with copyright information

I was pleased to see the new feature in FLEx 9.1 (?) that allows copyright and licensing information to be added to illustrations. The Art of Reading PNG line drawings show up beautifully in my DAB project, but JPG files did not appear as they did before. I converted all the JPG files to PNG files, which worked. All of the images were appearing in DAB as desired.

But then I got greedy. I didn’t like the formatting with no space between the illustrator’s name and the word ‘Copyright’. So I went through my FLEx database adding a space after the name. When I rebuilt the DAB app, those images no longer show. Of course, I went back and deleted the extra space but to no avail. I double-checked to ensure that the correct files were uploaded into the DAB app. For some reason, I can only see the Art of Reading images in the app.

Any ideas for fixing this? I somehow doubt that the extra space in the copyright information is the root cause. I’ve run out of ideas to try.

Hi Amy, Welcome to the DAB community! It would be helpful if you could share a few screen shots of changes that you made in DAB, and what you are seeing in the app as a result (you often can get a screen capture on Android by pressing the power and volume up keys at the same time). It may also be helpful to remove one of the problem images and re-insert it, to see if without the space it starts working again. And it may also help to try inserting a Non-breaking Space (NBSP) instead of a regular space. (You can insert an NBSP in Word, by going to the Insert tab, selecting Symbol and the More Symbols… option, then click on the Special Characters tab, select Nonbreaking Space and click Insert, then Close. Or you can try typing Ctrl+Shift+Space. Then select the character inserted, and copy it with Ctrl+C, and then paste it in DAB, instead of typing a space.)

So there are few more ideas to try… :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. If the insertion of a space is determined to be the issue, I will explore your NBSP option. However, even removing the space does not allow the picture to appear so there must be another cause. Note that all edits are being done in FLEx using an XHTML export. I am updating/saving the revised picture in DAB.

For comparison, here is the picture as shown in the Dictionary view in FLEx. The space after the name has been removed. All spaces between items were not manually entered.

This entry appears this way in DAB:

For comparison, a working image from Art of Reading appears as below in DAB. Note that the picture is too large for the screen, but that’s a separate issue. The main point here is that the image is showing.