Show dpi of AOR images before you commit to placing it onto a page

In book editing view, hovering over a picture gives the image name, dpi, etc. In the Art of Reading image dialog, info about the artist and copyright of a selected image is given. It would be helpful in selecting a picture from AOR if the dpi were also visible in this screen.

Great idea. I’m out of votes though!

Hi Kim,

Are you finding that some AOR images have too high a resolution, or too low?

DPI (Dots Per Inch) isn’t actually a property of an image. It is a function of the resolution of the image, divided by the size allotted to it. So we can only talk about DPI in the context of a particular placement of the image on screen or paper, where it actually has a size.

But we could readily show the resolution (the total number of pixels in each direction). Is that what you’re after? Or do you need Bloom to take into account the size of the image placeholder from which you launched the image chooser, in order to compute a DPI?

Hi John,

  Yes, your def of DPI is about all I know on the subject. I know

that screen vs paper outputs are very different.

  I've been following David S's guidelines for the Bloom books

we’re creating for both print and Bloom Reader publication: “At
least 300 DPI.” I think this is a compromise between output
resolution and app size, and a way to avoid creating two versions
of each image for a print+media publication.

  Very definitely, *many* of the AOR images are way too low-res for

use in a Bloom half-page picture frame, for either A5 print or App
use. Interestingly, after an image is placed into a Bloom book,
hovering over it gives this message:

  I see that the DPI in the above message is calculated on

resolution divided by size. I don’t think that Bloom users should
be expected to calculate DPI mentally as they choose illustrations
for a book—it’s too much for me to think about while focusing on
the book… and I’m pretty good at math. It would save a lot of
time and frustration for a book creator to see the above message
before committing to place a picture.

  So my answer to your question is: Yes, I think we do need Bloom

to take into account the size of the image placeholder from which
you launched the image chooser, in order to compute a DPI, and to
display this for images selected in the Image Toolbox. However, if
this is an extreme request, the Image Toolbox should at least
display the resolution; users can eventually be taught a size
range that will fit their current book, but the DPI would be much
more beneficial.


Since many users will not have this bit of wisdom (it was very helpful to me!) I wonder if it would be helpful to have a message that said something like “a smaller image will give better resolution” or something to that effect.