Show book check-outs in Team Collection book history

When someone checks out a book in a Team Collection, that check-out doesn’t show up in the books history. Only check-ins of books are in the history. I see another team member’s avatar/initials on the book to show that they have it checked out, but it seems like that is an event that should also be in the history.

Hi Paul,
Can you tell us how you would use this information?


I’ve been working collections that involve many different people working on books. I sometimes need to know the status of books before I take action on them. Knowing if it is checked out and to whom is useful to better understand the book’s status. At times, people check out books and forget to check them in. Knowing how long a person has had a book checked out can signal to me that I may need to prompt them to check it back in if they are done with it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the checkout date is available for each book in the status panel beneath the book preview:


No, I hadn’t noticed–thank you

For Bloom 5.6, we’ve added this to the history:

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