Shift key sticks while using keyboard in Paratext 9

Hi, has anyone else experienced a shift key “sticking” while using a Keyman keyboard with Windows and Paratext 9? I created a Keyman keyboard to use with our Paratext project and on three different computers we experience periodic shift key “sticking”. It will type in all caps and pressing the all caps key does the opposite, i.e. types lower case. Also, clicking in the text highlights all the text between the new click and wherever the previous click was (presumably). It often seems to be triggered when creating a note in Paratext. Sometimes it can be fixed by closing the note and/or clicking on the shift key again, but often we just have to log out of Windows and log back in.


Hi @kevinp, welcome to the community!

Can you let me know which version of Keyman and which version of Windows you are running? This was an issue in a specific earlier version of Keyman on some systems, but we haven’t had any reports of it with Keyman 15.

When it did arise, the workaround was to press and release each of the shift keys – left and right shift, and that ‘reset’ the shift state.

There was also a system utility with one brand of computers which had a bug that sometimes caused this. Given this happens on more than one computer, I am guessing that is not related.

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Thanks for your quick reply, Marc. We are all using Keyman 14+ on Windows 10. I just updated to Keyman 15. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks for sharing the workaround, too! —Kevin

Good to hear. Tagging @ross (lead dev for Keyman for Windows) so he can track this too.

Just FYI… I have sometimes had a “sticky” key on some user computers, sometimes Shift sometimes Ctrl or Alt. The Ctrl and Alt are particularly a pain as they might run various commands in certain programs. I don’t recall seeing this problem lately. Often times in our case (in the dust of Chad) I think that it physically is a sticky key, and sometimes banging on it fairly firmly makes the problem go away. YMMV… :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m not sure there’s anything we do in our code for that particular issue!

The shift key also gets stuck on my at times without any obvious pattern. To make it go away is to press the shift key again.

Just to let you know @Marc, I did have a key sticking incident the other day after updating to Keyman 15. Your workaround of pressing the left & right shift keys did work to fix the problem.

Good to hear that the workaround worked. We’ll continue investigating ways to avoid the issue arising. Tracking in