Shavian Characters Not Displaying In Developer

I’m trying to design a layout for Shavian, but none of the glyphs are appearing in the editor. In the preview pane they are boxes, and once placed on the GUI keyboard they appear as question marks.

I have gone into the options and selected the desired font (Inter Alia) to display the glyphs to no effect. I also tried changing the system default font via a registry edit and that was similarly unfruitful.

The “Default Font” via the Options keeps resetting to Consolas, but the “Quoted Font” is staying set to Inter Alia.

EDIT: Partial solution found. I got the letters to display in the preview pane by right clicking and changing the font option there. This has revealed the letters in the preview pane, but when dragged onto the GUI keyboard they still display as question marks.

EDIT 2: In the View menu I selected “Character Fonts” and chose Inter Arlia there and that has gotten the letters to display in the GUI editor.

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Hi, welcome to the community! If you go to Keyboard/Fonts menu you should be able to change the font:

It’s the “Debugger, Editor Characters” setting that would set the font for the “Layout” where you are doing a drag and drop.