Sharing Bloom Reader Talking Books with others

I just practice creating a couple of talking books geting ready to do some training in Bloom in a week and wanting to show them how to make Talking Books for for Scripture passages they will translate soon at a workshop. I see that in Bloom Reader, there is a Share Books feature. I assume this is the preferred way to share books. It is the only way? I currently have 4 books in my Bloom Reader app. I think “The Moon and the Cap” must have come preloaded with the app. Another story I created 3 weeks ago (under 4.0.106 I think). When I cable into my phone and look at the Bloom directory with Windows Explorer on my computer, I see these 2 books with .bloomd suffix. The other two books which I transferred there today (using 4.1) aren’t visible in the directory. So I can’t find them to put them on a flash drive or something. How did that happen? Should i just use the Bloom Reader “Share” tool or are there other ways I might find and share these files? Thanks.

Unfortunately, MTP, the protocol which Windows (and Bloom) use when connecting to your device via USB has some caching problems. So, the two new books were there, but Windows wasn’t showing you their .bloomd files. Try again, and I am pretty sure they will show up.

Other than sharing book by book, you can share all your books. In Bloom Reader, from the main list, you can open the menu in the top left using the three lines. From there, you can “Share Books.”

Thanks, Andrew. Yes, I saw the Bloom Reader “Share Books” Tool. I was wanting to knwo if there was another option for when people don’t have a good Internet connection or data, like computer to phone by USB. My phone is still just showing only 2 of the 4 Talking Book (bloomd) files. I’ll try to reboot to see if they show up after that. I did a test with the Share feature yesterday trying to first send the Bloom Reader app to my wife’s phone. I tried to share via Gmail, but her phone flagged the attached file as dangerous and wouldn’t allow it to install, probably due to the SIL Gmail system security settings.

For completeness, I want to make sure you know about the individual Share Book feature, though it sounds like it won’t help, either, as it will make use of all the same methods of sharing which “Share Books” will.

In the main list, long press a book. You will see two icons appear at the top, one for delete and one for share.

I’ve always assumed (though I haven’t tested it), that phones with WiFi Direct would have that as an option after choosing “Share Books”. I think Bluetooth should be in that list, as well.

Thanks, Andrew. That could be good to know. I think there may be times when someone will want to share a specific book rather than all.
By the way, after rebooting my phone, all 4 bloomd files now show up and I’m copied them to my computer for potential sharing.

Randy, if this happens again, just quit the app, no need to restart your phone. Click on the recent applications button (for me, this is a square in the lower left), swipe the BR app away.

Hope you Gabon training goes great. Part of the Bloom ecosystem is feeding the developers with workshop photos that come with reuse permissions :slight_smile:


Ok, John. I thought I had probably closed Bloom Reader on the phone since yesterday (I don’t tend to leave lots of apps open), but maybe not.
By the way, I noticed that todays update 4.0.115 fixed both the problem with not picking up copyright metadata from image files and the problem with sending Talking Books to the Bloom Reader. Looks like everything is working well in 4.0 now. Thanks.