Senses not displaying

For some time I have noticed that definitions are missing on the browse screen

shown in this screen shot with FLEx screen next to the app display of the same entries.
It is not clear to me why some don’t show up. When clicking on the word the entry with all the information is showing.

What is your export? LIFT or XHTML?

Are they minor entries?

I used XHTML. They are all main entries. The FLEx configured view looks like this on the left below:

Can you send me the equivalent snippet of the XHTML?

In a personal message would be fine if you don’t want it public

Thanks for sending the snippet of HTML.

What I see is that where there is this form.

     <span class="definitionorgloss">
          <span lang="fr">tourteau (m) dʼarachide</span>

All works as it should.
But where the HTML is like this:

     <span class="definitionorgloss">
        <span lang="fr">
            <span lang="fr">arachide</span>
            <span lang="gnd"> </span>
            <span lang="fr">(f)</span>

DAB is not picking up the information that is embedded one level deeper.
So it seems FLEX is making some distinction when that information is being input.
I know some fields can have information stored that is not visible (or editable that I know of) in Flex.
Is it possible you pasted in the gloss or meaning form somewhere else?

In any case DAB should handle that the way it is. So I will write that up as a bug.

Thanks for the example.