Seeking Ideas and Success Stories for a Keyman "Installfest"

Greetings All,

I was just daydreaming that it would be nice if people visiting a center for a COVID shot could get Keyman, and keyboard in their language, installed on their mobile phone while they wait. Not enough time now to coordinate that, but I like to hear about any past events aimed at installing Keyman freely for the public.

Assuming a source of funding, one approach would be to conduct something like a bookmobile that toured towns and installed Keyman for people who approached it.

While in a town, or as an alternative approach, the staff could give the installer software to shops that sell mobile cards or also phones and accessories.

Another thought is to have a Keyman kiosk at a public event, or at a public place that people frequent for a period of time.

Please suggest other idea and let me know any lessons learned if this has been attempted before.


This sounds interesting – but I haven’t come across it before. Some of the SIL tech field people may have tried similar things?

Thanks @Marc . A related question that has the aim of making mobile installation as simple as possible. Could a QR code be used to install the Keyman app + a specific keyboard? That’s one QR code that would install both together?

My guess is the answer would be “no” presently, this would be a wishlist item if it is at all possible. I imagine app stores would need to support an installation parameter for the target keyboard.

Guess what I have been working on in the last couple of days, for Android:

It turns out to be relatively straightforward with Google Play Store. Once we’ve completed testing, this will go live in 14.0-stable and 15.0-alpha. This is harder to achieve with iOS, but step-by-step things improve.

We encourage sharing the keyboard’s home page URL e.g. for GFF Amharic, or the keyboard’s install URL as these will work regardless of the user’s device, and also streamline for situations where Keyman is already installed.

You’ll see a QR code for the keyboard is already on the keyboard’s home page. This can be used as-is, or you can build your own QR codes. It would be possible to have a QR code for the Google Play Store link also, for Android users, which would embed the referrer code needed to install the keyboard together with the app, once we merge those three pull requests.

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