Searching within Bloom Library - Advanced

Books in Bloom Library can be searched by Language, Topic, Special Interests, Features etc.

  • When searching by Language, the books are then grouped by Levels.
  • When searching by Topic or Feature, the books are grouped by Language.

It would be helpful to have further search options (or Advanced search). E.g.

  • English, Animal Stories, Level 1

There are over 5,000 books in English, and about 250 animal stories, but without opening each book, it’s hard to see what Level it is.

Some University literacy students asked today about the ability to select multiple languages or topics at the same time. E.g.

  • English, Animal Stories, Comic, Talking Book
  • English or French Animal Stories, Talking Book

Advanced searching would make it easier to find books in the Bloom Library.

Several times we have been asked to search for books available in the languages of a given country. It would be nice to be able to do this. Even if a language in multiple countries but written for a specific country, might pop up in the search results.

Hey @Liz_Pfeifer
Would you be able to break these up into individual feature requests? Like, the smallest units of work that would seem to make sense to you.


The initial request has been copied to a separate feature request (772).

An Advanced search option within Bloom library would be helpful.

For example:

  • select multiple languages
  • select multiple topics
  • select multiple features
  • select languages, topics, features