Searching by Language in Bloom Library

Yes, we can search for books by “Language”. But the search is very restricted. For example, one of the languages we work with is called “Selaru”, but its real name is “Tel Maslyarkwe”.

In Bloom, we specify this language with its language name: Tel Maslyarkwe.
But anyone looking for this language’s books would probably use “Selaru” as this is the national language name for this language.

But even though Bloom knows that this langauge is SLU (Selaru) the Library search finds nothing when we search for Selaru.

Even more strange is that the search function won’t find matches, even when we search for “Tel” (or for any string shorter than the entire name “Tel Maslyarkwe”),

It would be very helpful if the search function allowed partial matches, and also allowed alternated language name searches.

Maybe there is a way to set up metadata in books uploaded to the library that would support alternated names, etc. but I’m not aware of this. If there is, I’d be very interested. Thanks!

Hi David,
I’ve added the “Selaru” English name for ya:


Typing the prefix is also working:


Awesome!! Thank you!
Is this a “Bloom Library” internal setting? Or is this something we will need to do for each new book we upload?

Hi David,
Yes, the autonym vs English names go in the Bloom Library database.

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