Search Sessions or People

Is there a way to search through the fields of Sessions or People or to export the fields into a csv file for easy searching? I now have more than 200 sessions and 70 people so am having trouble finding what I need. Thanks!

I guess another way to facilitate this type of searching within the database would be to allow custom columns in the leftmost area, for example where it lists the ID and the Title for Session or the Person or Consent for People, like is available for FLEx.

Hi Kate,
Yes, you can export your people to a csv. Note that in testing this just now, I see that in the current version, people that you’ve just created are not exported. Bizarre… I’ve written up a bug report. So restart SayMore before the export.

Thanks for the customization grid suggestion. I’ve moved the post to the “Feature Requests” category so that we keep track of the idea and you & others can vote for it.

Thanks John! Yes, I see the export commands now, don’t know why I didn’t look under Project earlier.