Search results list should maintain state

Currently, when I search for an entry, eg. tɛ̤ my search filters all entries with that sequence of phonemes. If I select an entry then I go back, I have the top of the dictionary again. What would be very useful is if when I selected to go back, it would take me back to the last search results. As it is, if I want to search for words containing particular letters or sounds (like the breathy vowel example given above) then I have to type in the search item again. Is it possible to make the back button navigate to the previous screen from a particular entry screen, but have a home button or something like that, which would take you to the start of the word list?


Great idea Ian, that would how be many people would expect it to work, and I’ve had the same problem.

Dear Ian,

Thank you for this feedback. I’m going to incorporate this into our list of feature requests and we will see how that goes.

I appreciate the time you took to explain the expected behavior. Thanks David also for your feedback.