Saymore for smartphone

Hi there, i am going to transcribe again in a really remote location. Normally i can take a tablet/computer and a solar charger with me but not this time. Ideally, i d like to record, to transfer the .wav on my phone and to use saymore which is blessed with long life battery. Is it possible ? Or any other idea…i remember aikuma, don’t know if it still works


I agree that something like that would be great!

Unfortunately, SayMore runs only on Windows (or on other desktop platforms running emulation software). you might look at Audio Project Manager to see if it would meet your needs.
I just checked with someone from the APM team and they said it does support export to ELAN format (which SayMore uses), but that export does not currently allow exporting segmented audio, so it will come out as a single segment, which is probably less than ideal. They do have plans to improve that. As far as I know, no one has tested APM’s ELAN export to see if it is truly compatible with SayMore. We should probably try to do that.