Saymore can't create sessions in a new project and can't open project once closed - Win10

Hello everyone -
We have a community language worker in India we are trying to support with SayMore using Win10 (I think - as a Mac user I have a hard time keeping track), and he is experiencing some sort of problem that results in the following behaviour: (a) once a new project is started, a new session cannot be created. (b) when a project is closed, it cannot be re-opened.

After creating a new project and trying to create a new session, this is what happens:

When he attempts to reopen the project, he gets an error box “SayMore had a problem loading the xxxxxx project. Please report this problem…”. And the beginning of the exception report says “An exception was thrown while activating SayMore.Model.ElementRepository…etc.”

This is a new(ish) HP machine and doesn’t seem to have any strange partitioning or permissions, though as I’m in Australia I can’t easily check everything. NB we’ve changed filenames to make them short and free of odd characters.

We’d be really grateful for any assistance!


Somehow the image upload didn’t work. After “this is what happens:” I had tried to upload an image of the “Creating Sessions” dialog box, which reports (in scary red ink): “Copying failed: An exception was thrown while activating l:SayMore.Model.Session → SaMore.Model.Session.”

I have received the bug report you submitted and will follow up with you via email. If this turns out to be a program bug (or if I can come up with a way to improve the program to better report the problem), I will try to release an improved version of the program. If it turns out to be a specific scenario that can be avoided by the user, I will come back and post the details here in case other users encounter the same problem.