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I am working on a biligual dictionary that has a Portuguese index. In the reversal index in Flex on my computer I use word categories that are different than the system of categories used in the main part of the dictionary, because the system of Portuguese is different than the system of the vernacular language. For example, the entry a in the reversal index is labelled prep for preposition, whereas there are no prepositions in the vernacular, only postpositions. I have populated the Reversal Index Categories in Lists for this purpose. I have no trouble making the reversal categories appear in the Portuguese index in Flex on my computer; but when I make the Android app in Dictionary App Builder, the reversal categories do not appear in the Portuguese index in the app on my phone.

Hi vogelalan,

In Lexicon>Features>Summary Gloss there is a checkbox “Include Part of Speech in summary gloss”

If this is not the issue, would you be able to share some of the html code for one reversal entry in the Portuguese reversal .xhtml file that Flex exported?


Thank you, Daniel. The box you mentioned was indeed checked, I am attaching an image.
I don’t know how to access the html code, but I am attaching an image of the relevant entries from the .xhtml file the Flex exported. I am also including an image of how the entries appear in the app on my phone. Alan
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I could only include one image in my posting, so here is another image.
summary gloss

Here is the third image.
in flex

Hi Alan,

I’m not one of the developers of Dictionary App Builder, but I’ve had a little look at the source code, and it looks to me like when DAB reads the reversal files, it doesn’t look for Parts of Speech, so they are not available for reversals in the app.

I think it would be a feature request to add the capability of storing reversal index categories in DAB