Restore book to Bloom Editor from Bloom Reader

I have a book that I had mostly finished with - added all the audio and adjusted the timing, and I transferred it to Bloom Reader on my phone, but not published it to Bloom Library yet.

When I opened the book in Bloom Editor recently, on page 6, the text box was completely missing (no text box, not an empty text box), which means that both the Teop and English text and audio is also not there. I will be able to find the audio files again and could type the text in again and work on spliting the audio timing again, but I was wondering if there was an easier way, where I could get the book that is in Bloom Reader on my phone and somehow restore it back to Bloom Editor?

I cannot find any of the Bloom book files on my phone when I use the file explorer program (when connected to my computer via USB).

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Purplejulie,

I’m sorry to hear that something happened to your book content.

To be honest, though it is possible to extract content from a BloomPUB, for a one-off case like this, it will be easier to just re-create the content manually.

If you did want to extract content from the BloomPUB, you would need to do two things:

  1. Obtain the BloomPUB
  2. Extract the content

For #1: It sounds like you don’t have the original BloomPUB file, so you would need to get that from Bloom Reader. To get a BloomPUB file out of Bloom Reader, long press (tap and hold) the book in the book list. Then tap the share icon in the upper right. That will let you use the phone’s normal “share” mechanism to send that BloomPUB through whatever means you like. For example, you could email it to yourself.

For #2: I don’t want to go into the details of how you would extract the content from the BloomPUB here. It is fairly technical and not something we recommend doing, in general. If you would like to pursue this, you may send me a direct message here, or email me at my email.

Andrew Polk

Hi Julie,

It sounds like just one page is lost from this book in Bloom editor, on your computer? If the original Bloom book folder is still on your computer, I believe you might be able to retrieve some or all parts of page 6 from that folder. It’s possible that the page 6 files were lost along with the layout in the “book”, but I think they’re likely to still be there. Open the folder containing the book. E.g., Documents\Bloom\Teop Books\Little Red Hen. There are at least 3 components of page 6 that you want to find:

Picture: The pictures are in the main book folder; you can just insert a new page into the book and add the pic.

Audio: This is the hardest to recreate, as you said. If the book folder has an audio subfolder, e.g., Teop Books\Little Red Hen\audio, I think each page’s audio will be in a separate file in there. The files have random-looking names but you can play each one to find the file for page 6. Audio files for all included languages are in the same folder so you can reattach audio for multiple languages if needed. Unless somehow the files for page 6 got lost… I don’t know if you can simply point to the correct audio file in the Bloom book folder

Text: It’s probably not a big deal to find the page 6 text somewhere on your computer, but if you need it here’s something to try: If you see an .htm or .pdf file in the folder with the Teop book title, e.g. Little Red Hen.htm, you can double-click to open it. If this file was created before page 6 got lost you can copy the text from that page. If there is not a Teop version, check any English or TP .htm or .pdf files; they might include Teop as a second or third language.

I hope this helps!

Blessings, Kim

Thanks Andrew and Kim for your detailed replies. It sounds like the best option is just to manually re-do the pages. I can type the text from looking at the book that I have on my phone and I know that the audio files will be in the Bloom folder and I can import them back in again.