Responsive web design for the welcome.htm and display in OSK?

Ok I’ve got my help (welcome.htm) files displaying in the OSK help window. To speed load times and give flexibility for responsive web design I’ve tried to avoid using captured ‘.png’ files and draw the keyboards directly in HTML. This works well when I open my ‘.htm’ files directly in Firefox or Opera, but fails when trying to view them in the OSK help window. I’m assuming that’s because that help window is based on an older browser, or has deliberately reduced capability? Is there any documentation about what HTML/CSS tags and features, etc… the OSK help window will support? Or an existing list of things it doesn’t support?

Take a look at the sil_eurolatin files. I think that will give you a good example.

The OSK help window is currently based on IE (at least 9, on Win7/8, version 10-11 on Windows 10). So you can use to determine relatively precisely which functionality is available. We plan on replacing it with Chromium in an upcoming release of Keyman – which will resolve these legacy issues as well as the mess of IE versioning that we’ve had to live with.

Arrgh turns out my HTML wasn’t as clean as I thought. Once I’d found some miss-placed tags the OSK help window worked fine. Firefox and Opera only worked because they are more forgiving, displaying what they thought I meant rather than what I’d actually typed!

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When I last did web work (long-ish ago), I found the iCab browser ( very helpful. It has a smiley/frowney face showing whether every page you loaded is validated. click the frown to get a list of errors. You can set the default schema to how strict (HTML 4.0 Transitional was most forgiving, IIRC) to make it. It’s macOS-only, if that matters.