Resetting The KMD Layout?

Somehow… I managed to lose my “Messages” window pane in KMD (16.0.145). “View > Messages” has a checkmark set, but the pane is not visible. It also cannot be unchecked. Every other toggable item under “View” works fine.

I’ve tried “pulling it up” from the Status Bar, thinking it may have collapsed to a minimal height. But it just doesn’t seem to be there.

Is there some way that I can reset the default layout to get the Messages window back?



I’ve found my Messages window! It was floating on a 2nd monitor that wasn’t there. Once I returned home, and connected my laptop to my desk monitor (used as a screen extension), the Message window was floating on it.

On just my laptop, the Messages window was lost in space and I had no way to know where it was or to bring it back. None obvious to me at least.

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Glad you resolved it @dyacob. The dockable windows code is a library that we’ve used for a while; it’s got a few bugs but they won’t be easy to resolve.

In future if something like this happens, you can reset the layout by exiting Developer, and deleting the registry key Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Keyman\Keyman Developer\IDE\Dock.

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