Request : Add a new text page that defaults to layout and "Normal" settings that I have made for the book

Currently adding a page of text means that I have to change the layout each time, and any changes I have made to the “Normal” setting for text size.

Of course, if I have not already put text on the page whose layout I have changed, I can just duplicate the page. But it would be nice if the “Normal” settings and layout I have chosen were actually the default for the book’s add a text page feature.

Any changes you made to the Normal style should be reflected on all pages, including newly added ones. If you’re not seeing that, that is a problem we are unaware of. If that’s indeed what you’re seeing, please open your book, go to Help → Report a Problem, describe the issue and submit the book so we can investigate.

As far as adding pages with a custom layout, you currently have two options.

  1. As you stated, you can duplicate the page and remove/replace the text.
  2. You can create a custom template with a page with your layout. Then, that custom layout page would be available in the Add Page dialog back in your original book.

But I think I understand your feature request to be that you want to duplicate a page’s layout without duplicating its content. Is that right?