Replace character in search function; or: match two different characters

Hi all,

I am not sure if this is a feature request or if this somehow can be done with the keyman tools. In a project with a non-roman script one sound is represented by Latin capital I. But people don’t want to change keyboard only for this letter, so they often use the digit 1. When they now search the dictionary, it would be great if they could type the 1 but get shown results with the capital Latin I. Is this already possible? If not, could this be added?

SAB/RAB has a similar function with the “Show special character input buttons on Search page” option, although the version above would be much simpler for the user.

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@Rhina thanks for this. It is reasonable that the Search features should be the same as SAB/RAB. I have put in a bug report (though technically not a bug, it is inconsistent with our commonality of feature sets/code).

Yes, that would help a great deal, indeed - and is hopefully not too difficult to implement as the code is already there. I don’t want to be impolite with my question, but is it possible to predict how long these changes would take? I haven’t seen much activity on the forum, so my impression was that Dictionary App Builder might not be on the top of the priority list :slight_smile:

Thank you once more!

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Also, it was brought to my attention that you already can add a button with any character or combination of characters right below the search field: Languages > [your language name] and then there is a field called “Input Buttons”. Put the character there and see it in the app.

So, this particular issue is resolvable with already existing tools. Still, SAB/RAB like controlling is more handy.

We will, by the way, still try to resolve this better by using an adapted keyman keyboard.