ƛ̓ renders poorly in Keyman for Android; possible fixes?

For the nrc_makah keyboard, I have a key ƛ̓ (U+019B LATIN SMALL LETTER LAMBDA WITH STROKE followed by U+0313 COMBINING COMMA ABOVE). However, the combining charater renders poorly in the default font used in Keyman for Android (and I presume Keyman for iPhone). Namely, the COMBINING COMMA ABOVE renders at the top of «ƛ» rather than above it, making it an indistinguishable mess. On my Macbook, system Arial renders this acceptably. I have set the font in the .keyman-touch-layout to Arial, however I see no difference in the font (see screenshot).

Please find attached the KMP. nrc_makah.kmp (518.7 KB)

Note: nrc_makah in the official keyboards repository exhibits this issue as well.

See also: “Common problem characters” in https://makah-fonts.vercel.app/

Is there a way that I can fix this within Keyman Developer? Or is this a bug elsewhere?

Hi @eddieantonio! Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

I expect what you are seeing here is font fallback to an alternative font.

You’ll need to include an appropriate font in the package, and reference it in the Keyboard section of the package editor:

I would suggest Andika, as it is open source, unlike Arial, Times New Roman and Tahoma.

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Thanks for the quick response, Marc! :smiley:

I bundled Andika, and this did the trick!

Follow-up question: is the "font" entry in .keyman-touch-layout officially supported? I had assumed this was the place to change the touch keyboards font but I can’t seem to get it to do anything.


This is now only used in development, not in deployed keyboards. For deployed keyboards, the font entries in the package are definitive. I think we still need to do more work here, but it’s hard to know exactly how to solve this.