Remote recording

Is it possible for me to set up an arrangement where I call someone using VSEE or Zoom or something else, I call their whatsapp number but then record their voice on my BLOOM book?



It’s supposed to be possible to configure Windows 10 so that what is playing on your speakers/headset is an input you can record. I haven’t tried it, with Bloom or otherwise, but you might look at or similar articles and see if something helps.

In Bloom 4.7, we’ve added the feature to import a recording in the Talking Book Tool.

And so, an alternative to John’s suggestion would be to have your remote team record the book using a program such as Audacity (it’s free), and then send you the recording via email or dropbox or whatever. You would then edit this recording and break it into page-size chunks, save each as an mp3 file, and then import into your Bloom book.

The advantage of this approach is you (the sound editor) could remove any unwanted clicks, pops, or pauses, and you could also take advantage of things like Audacity’s noise filtering feature.

The disadvantage of this approach is that your remote team would need to be comfortable recording their narration using Audacity, saving the recording, and sending it to you.

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thanks so much Colin
this helps

If you insert the audio one page at a time, will it automatically break it into sentence sized chunks so that when it is played back in a talking book in Bloom Reader, it will highlight the text sentence by sentence?

Thank you Sir/Mam, I have redone the recordings for the Bloom stories 03-05. Before I import them into Bloom, should they be in .wav format or .mp3 format or in some other format?
Can I import the entire bloom book audio file as one audio file or should I break it up so that each sentence in a separate audio file?
Thanks so much

@kklcclkk, @Craig_S
Best is to record one .mp3 file per text box.
Then check the box for “Record by whole text box.”
After you import or record the audio, you will then click “Split” to create the text-to-audio alignment and show sentence-level highlighting.
To make Split work, you will need to install aeneas which Bloom will walk you through.
If you have further questions, let us know.