Release notes for the Keyman application and the keyboard updates

I got an alert today that there’s an update for the Yiddish Pasekh keyboard (1.8, replacing 1.7.) That’s awesome. But what new features or bug fixes are in the never version? Maybe I like the bug that the new release fixes so I don’t want the update! :grinning:

Most software publishers create accompanying release notes that list what’s new/different/better in the update. I looked on the SIL site but I can’t find any release notes. Am I just looking in the wrong places?

Thanks \ גרױסן דאַנק


You can find the release notes if you click the “Source” link in the keyboard listing, then click “”
in the file list. Direct link to

This shows that version 1.8 has no keyboard changes, only that the source is now in Githum and the documentation has been updated.

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Yes … the release notes are a little buried for keyboard updates in particular. It’s on our agenda to make them more visible … but a fair way down the list at present.

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In terms of Keyman release notes, they can be seen at

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