Re-recording oral annotations


When a Careful Speech or Oral Translation recording is completed, but we want to go in and re-record one or more segment’s speech/translation annotation, SayMore allows this, but after playing the source segment (on top), the window jumps to the end (or sometimes the beginning), and then it’s tedious/somewhat-difficult/annoying to scroll back to the correct segment (as this happens after each segment is played). Is there anything that can be done about this? Does SayMore expect that you should or should not be able to make such changes?

[SayMore 3.3.0 on Win 10]

I just tried it in the latest version of SayMore and I see what you mean. It looks as though SayMore is trying to be helpful by taking you to the next segment that needs to be recorded, but obviously this is not what you want in this case. If most of the segments are recorded but the first (or last) is not because it is cruft and does not need an oral annotation recording, try clicking the Ignore button for that/those segments, and my guess is that will probably prevent this jumping around. However, if you are halfway through recording and then realize you need to re-record an earlier segment, you’ll still have this problem. I have a proposed fix that seems to work. However it seems to thwart the original intention, and I need to try to understand that better to make sure I’m not breaking something.

I worked out a better fix today. Next version of SayMore just work better for you!

Thanks!! Great news.

(I didn’t click the Ignore button on that segment (but yes the first segment was metatdata, announcing in the LWC the date and the speaker and the title) in case that would hide the source recording as well, although I wanted to hide/cancel a recording for the annotation of that segment.)

Even if you ignore a segment, you can still listen to the source for that segment.