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Hello! Forgive me for not answering you for a long time. I wanted to ask if you could explain, why there are no need for JS knowledge? If i’m not mistaken i need a js file to make package, which i need to use my keyboard on iphone.

Hello @Wu_Nokiri,

No worries!
Keyman Developer version 17.0 will not require you to create a JS file for the keyboard package. All of this are happening in the background as long as you specify the Target devices, the keyboard will be compatible with the assigned target devices.

Assigning a Target as any to support every platforms:

It is possible to do this with an existing keyboard too.

You are welcome to use other &Target options according to the requirements, read more: &targets.

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Please clarify.
Thank you!

Thank you! But could you tell me what do i need for package? 'cuz i can only make keyboard :sweat_smile:

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