RaleWay Font Issue: Works in Excel not in Word


We are having some issues with the Raleway font raleway%20ttf%20files.
When we install those fonts it works in Microsoft Office excel 2016 but not Microsoft Office Word 2016.

In Word 2016: If you install all of the Raleway fonts, the extra bold font takes the default. And you are not able to change the font styles to any other style (i.e. regular, italics, medium, etc)

Do you have any thoughts with this? Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


You may wish to take this issue up with the font developers. You can interact with them via the Raleway font project repository on GitHub.

I have sent my issue through to the github font developers. Do you know how quickly I can get a response from them?

Raleway is not an SIL font project, so we can’t reasonably guess when - or if - they might respond. Sorry we can’t provide any help, but it’s not our project.