Question on publishing/ uploading stories on Bloom Library

Hi Bloom community,

I’m Kato Nkimba and the team leader for the 3EzSeries Book Project .

We recently joined the Bloom Library; and we would like to share interesting stories for children and young people for wider access and use. This is part of our child empowerment strategy aimed at ensuring that our stories are widely shared and can even reach resource-constrained and vulnerable communities (children, young people and supporting adults around them) at low and/or no cost.

However after (self) publishing our first story “Never give up”( authored by Kato Nkimba) using the SIL software, we aren’t sure whether the book can be accessed by others in the community.

Kindly, let us know if there’s something we are not doing right.

We look forward to hearing from you,


Kato Nkimba

Dear Kato,

It’s great that you’re wanting to share your books with others.

In the Bloom library, when I search for “Never give up”, your book does not appear.

Did you publish it to the Bloom Library? Or just to the Bloom Reader app on Android? If it’s on Bloom Reader app, no one can access it, unless you specifically share it with them.

To publish to the Bloom Library, you will need to create an account (

Once you’re on the Publish page in Bloom, click “Share on the web”

Click Upload Book


If all goes well, when you are done publishing your book to the web, Bloom will show a message saying it is there and giving you a link you can click on to see what it looks like on the website. You can also copy this link and share it with others.

We don’t yet have a way to publish the Bloom Reader (Android) version of the book on the web, though you can do so yourself by saving it as a file and making that available on the web somewhere. Hopefully soon…

Many thanks to you, Liz and John. We truly appreciate this support.

I’ll get to it right now. Will keep you posted.

Best wishes,


Hi Kato,

My name is David Oandah. I work with SIL International Uganda (Entebbe) and I am also a Bloom trainer within your proximity, I believe. I like the work that you are doing with the 3EzSeries book project. If you’d like to meet up and I take you through the processes that Liz or John have recommended just send me a message with your email. We can also discuss other features in Bloom that can benefit your book project.

David Oandah.

Hi David,

It’s a pleasure to know you! Honestly, I had no idea that SIL International had its presence in Uganda. This is really great.

I’ve just tried uploading our first book on Bloom Library. I would like to see, whether it has worked out. I’ll let you know.

I’ll also inform my colleagues about you. We’ll definitely be interested to meet you and learn about other features in Bloom that we could use in our Project.

Thanks again for your support,

Best wishes,

Kato Nkimba

Hi David,

Just succeeded uploading our first book.

I’ll let you know when we can meet with you,

Thanks again,

Kato Nkimba

Hi Liz and John,

I’ve finally succeeded uploading our first storybook!

Once again, many thanks for your support and for linking me up with David in Entebbe. That is really kind of you.

We look forward to sharing more storybooks with the Bloom community using the SIL software.

Best wishes,

Kato Nkimba

Hi David,

Happy New Year!

My colleagues and I would like to meet with you to learn more about other features in Bloom and the SIL. Would next week be okay for you?

Please, let us know. We would be happy to work around your schedule.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,


Hi Kato,

I will send you an email and we can liaise further.

David. O