Publishing to BloomPUB not reordering front matter for one collection

I like the feature that automatically moves front matter pages to the end when publishing to BloomPUB format (e.g. for Bloom Reader). I have 2 collections that have been manually copied from other computers. For one of these collections the BloomPUB versions of every book are maintaining the original page order (Front Cover is followed by Inside Front Cover, Title Page, Credits Page). Any idea why this is happening for this one collection but not the others?

Is there any special branding (Enterprise code) or xmatter selected?

No, everything is the same as the other similar collection. In the past I may have entered an Enterprise licence just to try out bulk publishing but it is now set back to none as normal. Book Making - Front/Back Matter Pack is Traditional.

I’ve discovered the problem is not consistent in every book in the collection. I now wonder if it is caused by the fact that the collection is made up of books of the same language that were created on several different computers and then manually copied into this single collection?
For now, I can solve the problem by setting the Front/Back Matter Pack to Device for creation of the BloomPUB versions. I just note that at end of the problem books there are 3 blank pages of the cover colour followed by a white page with the Bloom logo at the bottom!

James, go ahead and “report” one of the books with this problem and we’ll have a look.