Progress tab counts (sum of durations) counts minutes in both audio and media files

I use SayMore to manage my corpus, each session has a linked audio and video file.

In the progress tab, SayMore tells me that 46 of my 92 sessions have the stage of ‘written translation’ complete (about 13 hours).

However, when I was trying to determine how those 13 hours were divided up among the speakers in my corpus (9), the totals I came to didn’t come anywhere close to 13 hours. Confused, I manually added up the durations of each session which had the ‘written translation’ stage complete.

The number of sessions was correct, but in terms of hours and minutes, the total was exactly half of the total of media that had a written translation shown in the Progress tab ~6.5 hours.

So, it appears that when SayMore is counting the minutes in both the audio and video for each session. I tested this by unchecking the ‘written translation’ stage for a particular session that had a linked audio and video file (each of the exact same duration approx 13 minutes) and refreshing the progress tab. The new total shown in the ‘written translation’ was now 26 minutes less, rather than 13. Meaning that it counts the minutes in both the audio and video files.

In the Helps menu under ‘Review Progress data’ it says that the total number of minutes (sum of durations) come from the audio files, but does that not seem to be what’s happening here.

I wonder if it’s possible to fix that in the next version? Count only audio minutes instead of video?

Thanks for the good detective work. I know there were some changes in this area of the code within the past year, but I’m not sure if this is a new problem introduced by those changes or a problem that has been lurking there forever. I will try to look into this soon.