Problem with diacritics in Bloom (Ma'di)

Lat night we were working on a COVID book for Ma’dị (South Sudan) using the new keyboard from Keyman (Win 10 pro).

We hit a particular problem with one word, which we could produce across different pages in the shellbook English Avoid Covid.

The issue was with the word, 'bãrú

ụ it was okay, but when the high tone ụ́ was added to the ụ -–this was produced,'bãr –the ụ was deleted and the high tone mark was put onto the r (and of course r never has tone!). I cannot reproduce this configuration here or in Word as Keyman doesn’t allow it in those places.

We didn’t try to test other combinations of characters and diacritics to see what else might be involved or affected.

We got around the problem by typing the word in MS Word and pasting it into Bloom. There was no problem in MS Word and no problem once it was pasted.

We’ll be doing further work in Bloom, and so I thought I’d throw this out for comment. Thanks.

Hi Graham,
I think the Keyman team will probably understand your situation better than we will. Maybe ask over there and then they or you can come back to us if needed?