Problem with Alt Gr

A little problem showed up with the usage of my keyboard.
Everything was working fine with my computer and with the computers of some people that have installed the keyboard. But today we tried to install it in another device and something happens. My keyboard has an Alt Gr layout with special letters, and when my fellow tries to use it with Word something like the following appears. ss
I think that this is a function particular to Word, but when this happens, special characters cannot be typed (an error sound plays) and this even deactivates the keyboard for other programmes. This does not happen when I press Alt Gr with a Spanish or English layout. For example, the Windows Polish keyboard uses Alt Gr + e in order to write ę, and with this layout the yellow marks won’t pop up. So that makes me worry that something is wrong with the keyboard. I would really appreciate if someone knew something about this problem.
Thank you very much

In the keyboard you’ve created, did you distinguish between Left Alt and Right Alt (AltGr)? If you do so, no conflict with the MS Office shortcut will be experienced.

Thank you for the reply.
I think I did distinguish between them. I mean, the box in the On-screen layout that says “Distinguish between left and right Ctrl/Alt” is ticked. I don’t know if that’s all I have to do in order to distinguish them. But with this box ticked, the problem remains.

This is only for the OSK, not the keyboard layout.

Can you try and define each Alt key as Right Alt, i.e. [ALT K_I] changed to [RALT K_I]?

Hello, I’m really sorry for not replying. I had a very busy week. The problem is solved. Apparently it had to do particularly with my fellow’s computer. But it has stopped happening now. I’m sorry for bothering you with my trouble, it did not had to do with the keyboard. However, thank you very much for your support always.