Problem printing Pdf booklet - pictures missing on odd-numbered pages

I wrote a book for my English students that I was able to publish to a pdf. Everything looks right in the Pdf. When I printed it, the even-numbered pages turned out fine, but the odd-numbered pages only printed the words and not the pictures. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi Sarah,

This sounds like a bug we need to fix. Could you use Bloom’s ‘Report a problem’ (under the question mark icon in the top right) to report it? Please make sure that the book you are having trouble with is selected, and then the command will automatically send it to us so we can try to figure out what is wrong.

Please also mention anything you can think of that might be unusual, for example, are you using Bloom’s Print command, or the print command from Acrobat or some other program?

Do you have the same problem with other books or only this one?

Ok - I’ve reported the problem through Bloom. This is the first book I’ve written in Bloom. I printed it from the (published) Pdf.